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Mathematics initiatives: Netherlands

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Global Education’s world-leading global math program is allocating free slots, from 2010/September until 2012/June, to two mathematics-oriented students, at each school in the Netherlands, start Groep 8 in 2010/Fall.

Global Education’s mathematics program for students is aimed at bringing the level of students who are in the top 5%-10% locally up to the level of the top 10% (and often the top <1%) of students within the top-ranked education systems, thereby putting them in a very strong position for admissions to and studies at the world’s elite universities and for building influential careers.

The program, which employs live top-quality video and audio and web 2.0 mechanisms, has been developed by and is taught by many of the foremost school mathematics experts in the world, from Stanford to the Ivy League to Budapest to Moscow to East Asia.

Each group meets for a 50-minute hour each day (participation replaces participation in local math classes), Monday through Friday (those who cannot attend all sessions can review recordings of missed ones), at the same time each day (time slots starting at the top of the hour are available from early morning to late evening).

Admission preference will be given to the top scorer at each school in the 2008 Kangaroo competition

For more information about the program see

For further information contact (make sure to include school name and province and county in any correspondence).

To register go to

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