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Richard Askey

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Professor Emeritus

480 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706
Telephone: (608 ) 263-7901, (608 ) 263-3053

Ph.D. Princeton University, 1961 M.A. Harvard University, 1956
B.A. Washington University, 1955
Special Functions
Srinivasa Ramanujan
Academic Positions:
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Professor Emeritus 2003-present
University of Wisconsin-Madison, John Bascom Professor of Mathematics 1995-2003
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Gabor Szegö Professor of Mathematics, 1986-1995
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Professor of Mathematics, 1968-1986
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1965-1968
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1963-1965
University of Chicago, Instructor, 1961-1963
Washington University, Instructor, 1958-1961
Visiting Positions:
University of Paris VII, Physics Department, June 1993
University of Minnesota, March, 1988
University of Strasbourg, June, 1979
Mathematical Institute, Budapest, June 1973
Mathematical Center, Amsterdam, 1969-1970HONORS, AWARDS:
Guggenheim Fellow, 1969-1970
Honorary Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore
Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Stieltjes Memorial Lecture, Dutch Mathematical Society, 1994
British Mathematical Colloquium, 1994
AAAS Lecture at MAA 75th Anniversary Meeting, 1990
Wisconsin Sectional Meeting of MAA, 1988
Illinois Sectional Meeting of MAA, 1987
Joint MAA and AMS meeting, 1985
Mathematical Association of America, 1984
International Congress of Mathematicians, 1983
Canadian Mathematical Society, 1981
Pi Mu Epsilon (J. Sutherland Frame Lecture), 1980
Ontario Mathematical Society, 1977
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 1969
American Mathematical Society, 1966
Budapest, Turán Memorial Lectures, 1992
Pennsylvania State University:
Mathematics Department, College of Science Lectures, 1984
University of Illinois, Mathematics Department, Trjitzinsky Lectures, 1984
Regional Conference Lectures, 1974
Year Place Topic of meeting
1965 Oberwolfach Integral transforms
1967 S.I.U., Edwardsville Orthogonal expansions
1969 Budapest Constructive theory of functions
1970 Oberwolfach Special Functions
1970 U. of Maryland Approximation theory
1971 Northwestern University I. J. Schoenberg’s Regional Conference
1972 Williams College Harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces
1974 U. of New Haven Fractional calculus
1974 Oberwolfach Linear operators and approximations
1976 U. of Nebraska G. Weiss’s Regional Conference
1978 Oberwolfach Combinatorics
1979 Purdue Goffman meeting
1979 U. of East Carolina J. Dieudonne’s Regional Conference
1980 U. of Maryland Numerical Analysis and Special
Functions in Statistics
1982 U. of Waterloo Enumerative Combinatorics
1983 Oberwolfach Special Functions

1984 Turin Computations and special functions
1984 Bar Le Duc Orthogonal polynomials
1985 Purdue University Bieberbach proof celebration
1985 U. of Minnesota History and philosophy of mathematics
1985 U. of Quebec-Montreal Combinatorics
1986 Texas A. & M. Approximation Theory
1986 U. of Alberta Approximation Theory
1986 Stanford University Computers and Mathematics
1986 Weizmann Institute Gillis’s 75th birthday
1987 U. of Illinois Ramanujan
1987 Bowdoin College Theta Functions
1987 Nagano Real Variables
1987 Canberra Harmonic Analysis
1987 Annamali University Ramanujan Centenary
1987 Anna University Number Theory
1987 Madras Ramanujan Centenary Meeting
1987 Poona Univ. Ramanujan Analysis Meeting
1988 TIFR (Bombay) Number Theory
1988 IMA – Minneapolis q series
1988 Georgia Tech South East Approximation Theory
1988 Colorado Pade Approximation and Related Topics
1988 IMA-Minneapolis Signal Processing
1989 Valparaiso Computations and Function Theory
1989 St. John’s University Pi Mu Epsilon Meeting
1989 Winnipeg Asymptotics & Computational Analysis
1989 CWI Amsterdam Lie Algebras
1990 Tampa Approximation Theory
1990 Erice Orthogonal Polynomials
1991 Leningrad Approximation Theory
1991 Granada Orthogonal Polynomials
1991 Victoria Canadian Math. Soc. (Rooney meeting)
1992 New York Magnus Meeting
1992 U. of Kentucky Royster Meeting
1992 U. of Maine IWAA
1993 CWI Amsterdam Cohen – Koornwinder Day
1993 U. of Washington Hypergroups
1994 Montreal Integrability of Difference Equations
1994 U. Wisconsin-LaCrosse Mathematical Modelling
1994 U. Wisconsin Center- High School Problem Meeting
Richland Center
American Mathematical Society
Committee to choose hour speakers for central sectional meetings, 1974-1977, 1982-1983 Committee on committees, 1983-1984
Vice President 1986-1987
Committee on Mathematical History, 1987-1991 Committee on Libraries 1989-
Committee on Collected Works 1990-
Mathematical Association of America
Committee to choose Hedrick Lecturer, 1978-1980 Committee on The Chauvenet Prize, 1986-1988 Program Committee for San Antonio meeting Jan. 1993
Joint Committee for AMS-MAA Lecturers, January 1993, January 1994 SIAM
Editorial Board, SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 1969-1993 Polya Prize Committee, 1993
AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE AMS representative to History and Philosophy of Science Section 1990-1992 Member at-large of
Mathematics Section Executive Committee, 1992-
Essays on Mathematics Education
Good Intentions are not Enough
National Science Foundation, 1963-
Office of Naval Research, 1969-1970
PH.D. STUDENTS Carl Ganser, 1965
James Fitch, 1968
Cris Roosenraad, 1969
Susan Schindler, 1969
Robert Horton, 1973
Melinda Certain, 1974
Dennis Stanton, 1977
James Wilson, 1978
Daniel Moak, 1979
Walter Morris, 1982
Ismor Fischer, 1989
Warren Johnson, 1993
Shaun Cooper, 1995
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