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Computing resource requirements

Participation in post-2006 education requires post-2006 computing resources – resources that will be used for many hundreds of hours per year over many years:

1) Bandwidth: 3.5Mbps downstream, 325Kbps upstream, effectively (Global Education diligently promotes the deployment of fiber to schools and wide-area broadband wireless).

2) Processor: Intel Core or any similarly powerful AMD processor.  We recommend choosing a model with the new (2010/01) Core i5/i7 Arrandale processor, if purchasing a new computer.

3) RAM: 2GB or more

Note: no-one should attend any session without sufficient bandwidth and processing power, as it would reduce the video/audio quality for all participants.

4) Monitor: WUXGA (1,920×1,200 pixels) or 1080p (1,920×1,080) resolution

5) Webcam: built into the monitor, ideally with a capture resolution of 1.3 megapixels or more

For convenience/mobility/time zone and workspace and eye contact reasons the REQUIRED hardware configuration for high-touch global education is a 17″ laptop with 1080p or WUXGA (1,920×1,200 pixels) screen resolution and a built-in webcam.

Several of the models below are available at a discount through Global Education

Dell: Alienware 15/17 (with 1080p or WUXGA), Studio 17 w/1080p or WUXGA (currently not available), Vostro 1710 (WUXGA, webcam), Precision M6400, XPS 1730, Inspiron 9300 (only with fastest Pentium M (2.13GHz, 2.26GHz)), Inspiron E1705 and 9400, Inspiron 1720 (Intel-based), Inspiron 1721 (AMD-based), XPS Gen 2/XPS M710, XPS 1710

Toshiba: Qosmio G30, G40, G45 (17″ models with WUXGA)

Apple: MacBook Pro 17 HiRes (WUXGA configuration), iMac 27″ and 24″ (but MacBook Pro 17 strongly recommended, for participation venue flexibility)

Sony: VAIO AR series (possibly also BX670)

Acer: Aspire 7720, 8920

Asus: M70 series (8.6lbs, 1.3MP webcam, BluRay – M70Vm-C1, $1,899), G70 series (11lbs – heavy), 2.0MP webcam, BluRay – G70S-A1 – $2,999, G70S-B1 – $3,599, G71V-A1 – $2,099, G71V-A2 – $2,399), G2S-B2, G2Sg-A1

Lenovo: Y730 (WUXGA), W700, IdeaPad Y710 – 40542AU, IdeaPad Y710 – 40542BU

Hewlett-Packard: HP EliteBook 8730w (WUXGA configuration).

Systemax: Medallion XVII

Hypersonic: Aviator SR7-R1/R2, EQ7-U1

6) Headset: The Sennheiser PC-350 is the required model, for sound quality and comfort.  A headset of this caliber is also necessary for the language classes that many of the math program participants are likely to take.  The headset can be obtained in Europe through Global Education with a discount (Scandinavian students should order through; North American participants should get it through

7) Graphics tablet (not required for initial lessons): Wacom. These graphics tablets are available at a significant discount through Global Education.

8 ) Wide area wireless broadband UMTS HSDPA >=3.6Mbps (now typically 7.2Mbps), CDMA ED-VO Rev A or B , or WiMax – these allow flexible participation and participation where home and/or school do not have enough fixed line (fiber, cable, DSL) bandwidth.

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