Education: A Golden Age

The best education in the world brought to students everywhere.

A Golden Age

On our contribution to national competitiveness

The world’s 100,000 best teachers teaching the world’s top 5,000,000 students

“Reducing the price of world-class education”

“The West’s competitiveness is declining because its workers lack the math and science skills necessary in today’s technology world. Now, when we go looking for the engineers we need, we have to depend on other countries. Global Education will play, through its large-scale competence building, a nationally important role.


“…it is clear to me that the winners in the modem world will be those countries that will really teach their students to think and to solve problems.


Kudos to our US Board Advisors Robert Reich, John Gage and Robert Waterman for their important policy and strategy contributions.

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Programs for mathematics, Russian, Chinese and Spanish now accepting applications…

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Free world-leading mathematics education for students in thousands of locations, starting with the sixth school year…

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National Mathematics Advisory Panel

We congratulate our American mathematics team members and friends Richard Askey (Wisconsin), Karen Fuson (Northwestern), Roger Howe (Yale), LiPing Ma (Carnegie Foundation), R. James Milgram (Stanford), and Wilfried Schmid (Harvard) on their Panel contributions.

“Mathematically gifted students with sufficient motivation appear to be able to learn mathematics much faster than students proceeding through the curriculum at a normal pace, with no harm to their learning, and should be allowed to do so.”